Green Key



  • Cooling and Heating Temperatures Cooling
    • The fixed temperature for cooling guest rooms is set at 24°C during the summer season.
    • Heating: The fixed temperature for heating guest rooms is set at 21°C during the winter season. Temperature
  • Adjustments
    • Guests are permitted to adjust the room temperature within predefined ranges: Cooling: From 22°C to 26°C Heating: From 19°C to 23°C
  • Energy Efficiency
    • HVAC systems will be automatically regulated to return to the predefined temperatures when the room is unoccupied.
  • Guest Information and Education In-Room Information
    • Informational materials explaining the policy on fixed temperatures and its significance for environmental sustainability will be provided in each guest room.
    • Guests will be informed upon arrival about the available temperature adjustment options and encouraged to contribute to energy conservation efforts.
  • Maintenance and Inspection Regular Maintenance:
    • Heating and cooling systems will undergo regular inspection to ensure proper functioning and energy efficiency.
    • Preventive maintenance will be conducted to avoid energy losses and maintain guest comfort.
  • Compliance and Monitoring Compliance Monitoring
    • Compliance with this policy will be monitored through energy management systems and regular inspections by accommodation staff.
    • Guest feedback regarding room temperatures will be recorded and evaluated for continuous improvement of the policy.
  • Policy Review
    • This policy will be subject to review on an annual basis or whenever deemed necessary to ensure continuous alignment with best practices and environmental commitments of the Green Key program.
    • This policy aims to create a comfortable and sustainable environment for guests while supporting the overall environmental strategy of the accommodation.