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Environmental Policy

Portes Lithos Luxury Resort is located in the first leg of the Halkidiki prefecture. With its modern style, it combines luxury with functionality and elegance with comfort, always providing high-level services. Our main concern is respect for both people and the environment.

Environmental Policy

Specifically, we have formulated an environmental policy that focuses on the following priorities:

  • Compliance with current national environmental legislation.
  • Sensitization and training of staff.
  • Informing guests about the environmental policy of the enterprise.
  • Support for research and development of new technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recording and minimizing waste production.
  • Recording and minimizing the consumption of non-renewable energy sources and water.
  • Collaboration with a certified partner for regular microbiological control of drinking water and pool water.
  • Use of certified eco-friendly detergents.


Replacement of bed linens only upon request of our guests.

Smart irrigation systems for gardens.

Regular inspection system for any leaks in the hotel facilities, by technical and cleaning staff.

Treatment of all wastewater according to national or local regulations.

Operation of the swimming pool in accordance with national standards for water quality, health, and safety.

Special slots at room entrances for inserting magnetic cards to manage electricity.

Installation of low-energy plasma LED TVs, state-of-the-art, in all hotel rooms.

Presence of thermostats in all guest rooms and common areas of the hotel for autonomous air conditioning and heating throughout the season.

Regular maintenance, by certified and specialized companies, of all heat pumps of the unit for their smooth operation in terms of performance and energy saving.

Replacement and conversion of all lighting in the hotel’s pool area to energy-efficient and LED lighting.

Separation of waste and delivery to competent recycling services.

Use of recycling bins.

Recycling of used cooking oil.

Refilling of printer ink cartridges and safe disposal of computer hardware.

Recycling of batteries.

Provision of meals for special consumer groups (e.g., gluten-free, allergen-free, etc.).

Sensitization of staff regarding the reduction of food waste.

Promotion and promotion of the Mediterranean diet.

Food Safety
Management System

Policy on Fixed Cooling and Heating Temperatures for Guest Rooms

The purpose of this policy is to establish fixed cooling and heating temperatures for guest rooms to ensure guest comfort and optimize the energy performance of the accommodation. By adhering to this policy, the establishment aims to reduce its energy footprint and align with the criteria of the Green Key program.